Graphic Resumes

One of the things I enjoyed as a Multimedia Arts student was the idea that we could represent ourselves to the world anyway we wanted. Coming to a possible job interview clad in a boring office attire and armed with a formally worded (and wordy) curriculum vitae wasn't enough--as artists, it was up to us to make sure that we show what we can do and what we are good at in the way we dress, the way we speak, even in the way our portfolio looks like.

I've always been great at making resumes. Back when I didn't know anything about graphic design and Adobe Photoshop, my classmates would ask me to help refine and reword their drab CVs in Microsoft Word, and with my wordsmithery I would help them convey their right to be hired in properly and smartly constructed sentences. Learning a thing or two about design only made my work more awesome.

The following are a few samples of resumes I've designed for myself and a few friends.