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First and foremost, I am a writer. I am comfortable writing about absolutely anything; even if the topic is something I am not familiar with, I believe I have enough skills to find out more about it and be able to come up with copy that is intelligently written. 

On my spare time (which I currently have a lot of), I am a contributing writer for Digital Trends. I mostly write news stories and op-ed pieces pertaining to Social Media, Web, and basically anything tech-related.

I am also an experienced blogger and editor, and as a freelance writer I write in various forms - feature stories, scripts, subtitles, screenplays, poetry and prose, among other things. I can write keyword-rich content for your website. I can compose a love letter you'd like to send your sweetheart.  Whatever it is, let me work on it, and I promise I will deliver.

On a related note, I am a social media butterfly.  Aside from writing about it, I occasionally manage it for my family's businesses clients.  I've had experience organizing online marketing campaigns and social networking publicity.  So if you need help running your company's Twitter or Facebook page, I'm your gal.  I'm basically on Twitter or Facebook every single day.

I dabbled a little bit in graphic design - a requirement for a Multimedia Arts graduate such as myself. As a freelance graphic designer for print and web, I conceptualized and designed various marketing collateral for small businesses and professionals. I also composed and wrote website content.

In 2010, I used to share a website design and management gig with my boyfriend (who is now my husband, yay!) called I was in charge of graphic design while my partner, Jason Kotenko, did the back-end programming.  We had a pretty solid thing going on until 2011 when he decided to whisk me off to the United States and marry me.  I'm still open to graphic design projects, but I probably can't take on clients that have back-end programming needs - that's my hubby's expertise and he's much too busy right now to take on side projects.

As an art school graduate, I also learned that conceptualizing design and formulating ideas is also a strength of mine.  I am always looking for an opportunity to grow and learn new skills. If you feel like developing crazy schemes, brainstorming, making something out of nothing, expanding a simple idea (or simplifying a complicated idea), or eating people's brains, feel free to hit me up!