About Jam

When she's not busy watching movies and TV shows or traveling to new places, Jam is probably in front of her laptop, refreshing her Facebook News Feed at least three times. Every ten minutes. It's obviously a problem, but instead of checking herself into a fancy schmancy digital detox program for her over-dependency on technology, she just writes about it.


She can write about anything.

Even if the topic is something she is not familiar with. She can also write in various forms - feature stories, scripts, subtitles, screenplays, poetry and prose, you get the picture. She can compose a love letter you'd like to send your sweetheart (she's done that for a friend before). She can review anything from music albums and movies to lawn mowers and penis enlargers (she's done those, too). Whatever it is...let her work on it and she will deliver.


She has dabbled a little bit in graphic design.

She has a Multimedia Arts degree, so of course she can tinker with Photoshop. She has conceptualized and designed various marketing collateral for small businesses and professionals and has also written website content.

She is a self-confessed social media addict.

Aside from writing about the wonders of technology and the Internet, she occasionally is called upon by her parents to manage the family business's online ventures by organizing marketing campaigns and social networking publicity.


Basically, if you need help running your company's Twitter or Facebook page, she's your gal...she's on both platforms (and a few others) every single day.

Conceptualizing design and formulating ideas is also a strength of hers.

She is always looking for an opportunity to grow and learn new skills, so if you feel like developing crazy schemes, brainstorming, making something out of nothing, expanding a simple idea (or simplifying a complicated idea), or eating people's brains, feel free to hit her up!

Jam is bored

Oh and one more thing, she normally doesn't talk in the third person. She's not a complete asshat, promise!