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This robotic bartender is like a Star Trek replicator for booze

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Attention, Android users: Hoot could be the social video chat app you’re looking for

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28 horror movies you can stream while you scream

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Blend wants to fill the Facebook-sized hole in the college campus social scene

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The story of the ultimate Hallow-meme costume you never knew about – and can never have

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Can Facebook cure the Internet of comment section trolls – and if so, should it?

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6 Instagram-inspired gift ideas for bringing images back to life

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Want to make money filtering your iPhone snaps? These Instagram-lovin' apps can help

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A few quick and easy ways to help your parents use the Internet

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Everything you need to make your own meme

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Hands on with Moodsnap, the app that makes music from photos

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Everybody's favorite vlog app, Touchcast, is now Instagram-ized

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Consider yourselves warned: I found out exactly how annoying Facebook Shared Albums can be

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Watch out, Grumpy Cat! These are the newly famous felines ready to steal your spotlight

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Instagram obsessives, hear this: The #AntiSelfieMovement has begun

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How Boootube turns YouTube's trash into cringe-inducing treasure

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How to be an effective couch potato and binge-watch the best TV shows online

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Here's why you need to be watching the YouTube breakout hit series 'MyMusic'

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Is Facebook the ultimate resource for pro matchmakers, or a simpleton's dating database?

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How much is that doggy in the Instagram? Things to consider before hitting up #petsforsale

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I'll tell you when I've had enough!: The evolving world of digital detoxes and Internet addiction

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To infinity and Beyond Verbal: The Web app revolutionizing the science of voice analysis

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Wake up! A 3 a.m. phone call is your ticket into this nocturnal social network

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Culling your Facebook flock? Prepare for the 5 stages of 'unfriending'

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Google Reader is dead but the race to replace the RSS feed is very alive

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In this app responsible for the out of control Instagram hashtag situation?

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Can pen and paper survive in a world of touchscreens and tablets?

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18 questions you need to ask yourself before uploading that photo

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From Cuteoverload to 'social petworks', adorable animals own the web

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The most comprehensive online dating guide

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Hands on: This music app helps your attention instead of stealing it

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Trust us, the Internet can find love for each and every one of you weirdos

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Turn on, tune in, retweet: How TV and the Internet melted into one world

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The Doctor Will See You Now: How The Internet and Social Media Are Changing Healthcare

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The Science and Sociopathy of Social Media Celebri-hating

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Who needs Simon Cowell? How Big Data Can Predict Music Superstars